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Project Description
A learning system comprising students, teachers, courses and lectures.

- Server-side: C#, Microsoft SQL Server, Entity Framework, ASP.NET Web Forms
- Client-side: JavaScript, jQuery, KendoUI

This application is inspired by the Telerik Integrated Learning System ( and provides a subset of its functionality.

There are two types of users - Students and Lecturers (Lecturers have access to the admin panel of the site). A user can be promoted to be a Lecturer for a given course.
  • Students can register for available courses, access course contents (lectures, videos, and additional materials), and submit homeworks (for lectures that allow homework uploading).
  • Lecturers can add, edit, or delete courses, lectures within a course, and assign homeworks (which have deadlines). The lecturers can also view a statistics summary of the site - number of users, courses, and lectures - printed in a pretty chart.

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